Outdoor Pouf Maya Moss


Enhance your outdoor space with our weather-resistant poufs, adding style and comfort. Whether for relaxation, extra seating, or a decorative touch, these versatile poufs seamlessly complement any outdoor setting and are equally suitable for indoor use.

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An ottoman or an extra seat, you make the call. This pouf is made for the great outdoors, inside and out. Furnished with Palais signature Striped and animal print upholstery fabric. Their custom woven fabric has a soft, luxurious feel and is produced energy-efficiently without harmful coatings. These poufs are made to keep their quality in sun and the rain. Because the fabric has not been chemically coated, it does absorb water, but then easily dries without any unpleasant smells of discolouring. You can leave the poufs out in the light rain. If you like your poufs to stay dry, we do recommend bringing them inside during heavy rain. This Poufs keeps its colour in the sun, is wrinkle-free and dirt-repellent (cocktails, sunscreen, you name it!) and is also perfectly suited for inside. The bottom of the pouf is made of their Sofia Sand fabric. This is their most wear resistant fabric. The filling is well filled. This may cause the pouf to be a little unstable at first, but after 2 months of daily use it will sag a little to its perfect shape.50 X 50 X 40cm